HideAway Lake Mobile Estates


Management Team & Staff 


  Ken Pintus, Sue Pintus & Ken Coley - Board of Directors

568 x 378

Second generation Board of Directors, Ken Pintus and Ken Coley, along with Sue Pintus.  Ken Coley and Ken Pintus are following in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents.

The Board of Directors have helped the Park grow and improve, and they are devoted to maintaining a warm and friendly atmosphere in the Park, while continually maintaining and upgrading to ensure that the residents continue to experience security and satisfaction.

  Jay & Vicki Smith- Managers 

Managing day to day activities, Jay & Vicki can be seen around the Park or in the Park office. They are available for Park matters and resident inquiries Monday thru Friday.

 Dee Liggett- Assist. Managers


On the weekends Dee is there to ensure that our community continues to run smoothly.


 Alfredo & David - Maintenance Crew


Alfredo & David can be seen daily working about the park and taking pride in keeping the Park in tip top shape. They work hard on maintaining the Park so that the residents can enjoy all the Park amenities.